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Dec 6, 2012 3:00am PST
been reported before that roger urged chris christie to run and then there was a report in 2011 that he had urged petraeus. but this recording really takes it to another level because although casey mcfarland and -- they say it was a joke, you can hear her on the recording over and over again you know trying to get information to bring back to roger. it is not like it was just a quick joke at the end of an interview. she asks repeatedly. they talk about would murdoch bankroll it and maybe petraeus was sort of brushing some of it off. but at the same time it seemed like she was really trying to get information to give back to roger who for their own belief, wanted petraeus to run. >> bill: the fact is though, this sort of proves there's no daylight at all between the republican party and roger ailes and fox news, right? they're all part of the same -- is there nothing illegal or wrong with that? i don't know. >> i think you're saying -- i can't think of any other network or tv executive who could get away with something like this. sure msnbc has an identity but you would never have th
Dec 10, 2012 3:00am PST
: popular, good mayor, going up against christie? >> have you seen the polls? cory booker would get slaughtered. i am sure he wants to do good but he would have a better shot at winning the senate. >> bill: i like him a lot. i think he is a real star. the senate would be for lauten lautenberg lautenberg's seat? do they assume lautenberg would step down? menendez was just re-elected i believe. >> didn't he have trouble? >> but he was re-elected. corey booker, we will see where he goes from there. you are hopeful we are not going to go over the cliff? >> i don't think we will. i think republicans, the indications are you are going to use the debt limit as the big fight. >> that's going to be the big staging ground for a showdown with the white house. and they are just going to let the fiscal cliff thing take care of itself. i learned this recently, remember the sequester. >> yes. >> what a panic that was? >> yes. >> they can cancel that. they can say, we are not going to do t we are going to cancel it. just cancelling the budget cuts saying, never mind. >> that's it you know what? i h
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2